1. New Boutique on the SCENE!!!

    A Perfect Fit !

    A Perfect Fit Plus Size Fashion
    Curves Never Looked Better

    PLUS SIZE FASHION, is a clothing store that caters to PLUS SIZE WOMEN, I am a new business established January 2012. Trendy & funky fashion for proud-to-be curvy girls, APF has only one mission: to set new standards in plus-size fashion business! Myself being a woman of curves, I wanted to serve women who wanted to accentuate their curves and express their youthful, vivacious personalities with trendy plus size fashion. Inspired by celebrity styles translated from “skinny” fashion to plus size fashion.

     PLUS SIZE FASHION has a variety of sleek, fashionable style for the plus size woman at affordable prices.A PERFECT FIT PLUS SIZE FASHION, is the destination for beauty, curves, and trend setting women from sizes XL to 5X who crave a boutique designed for our needs and sizes.

    Our target market is plus size women that are constantly in search of fashionable clothing that is both afford

    able and well made.

    The boutique offers unique finds that can be worn all over town. You will find garments inspired by the latest trends from all over the world. Our garments are carefully selected to accentuate and define the very best your body has to offer.

    We want you to look good in what you purchase, but more importantly, we want you to feel good about the amount you spend - no item is priced over $60.00. You can look great without having to break the bank!

    We truly believe that fashion is about more than how you look, it is a state of mind, a lifestyle. Balancing affordability and quality, Eddy and Bri brings you fashion for your curves!

    Basic Info

    StartedJune 2012
    Price Range$$$ (30-50)
    Mon - Sun: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

    They have a few items worth taking a gander at! Great Prices! How can you Lose?

    Here are my favorites:

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