1. I happy to introduce Anita Marshall.

    She is probably one of the most joyful and ambitious Full Figured Models that I know.

    Believe it or not, I met her at a Train Station and never had reservations about her since…

    Anita Marshall

    Tell Me  A Little Bit About Yourself?

    My name is Anita Marshall. I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I am currently a makeup artist at Sephora and building my modeling career.

    What are some Of Your Inspirations in the Modeling World?

    Everything is inspiring in the modeling/ fashion world. They go hand in hand. You learn from watching a model move, to what they wear and they carry themselves. I see them as one in the same.

    How Did You Get Into Modeling?

    I sent my photographs into my agency (Dorothy Combs Models) by email and shortly after that I was sending back my signed copy via fax!

    Which Stores Have You Modeled For Thus Far?

    So far I have modeled for Fashion to Figure, Deb Shops, Avenue, Macy’s and Nordstrom.


    Fashion To Figure


    Alex Evenings Beaded Matte Jersey Sheath Dress (Plus)

    Foxcroft Animal Print Shaped Shirt (Plus)

    Lauren Ralph Lauren Sleepwear Stripe Brushed Twill Pajamas (Plus)






    What’s The Best Thing About Being Full Figured?

    The best thing about being Full Figured is embracing myself. I am able to show the world who Anita Marshall is. I can embrace my curves and show other women that it is okay to be comfortable in your own body.

    What’s A Message You Wanna Leave For Curvy Girls Everywhere?

    A message to ALL the girls everywhere: We are ALL different and all so gorgeous. No matter curvy, slender, tall, short, yellow or green we are all fabulous and let confidence be your weapon of choice. Be you, be beautiful and a force to be reckoned with.

    Check Out Her Fan Page:

    Anita Marshall

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