1. Plus Size Feature!

    YouthEary Khmer

    Davida Heard began her journey in the fashion industry 4 years ago as a plus size model in Atlanta. She enjoyed the luxury of working in front of the camera at shoots and blazing the runway at shows but found a new passion of work and power once introduce to the behind the scenes of fashion by designer, Theary Sim of Youtheary Khmer. Fascinated by Theary’s style and love for not only the fashion industry but also the curvy community. Davida has been working with Theary Sim for many years as a member of Youtheary Khmer creative board. Taking on the role of project manager she implements the direction of YK’s fashion, lifestyle and brand.

    Mix and Mingle
    Color … color … and more color, enjoy the moments of being able to mix up your fashion forward or blast from the past solid color pieces this season to conform a hot chic look. In this season fashion is color frenzy. A curvy girl’s best friend is a fun, funky, basic garment that can be remixed for a day at the office or a night on the town. The key to making color work is picking the correct garments and mixing satisfying shades that are appropriate for the occasion and compliments the atmosphere. Remember the forecast for the season is looking effortless and exuding bright colors. Keep in handy a basic clutch, sling bag, and a standard colored belt; these accessories help cohesively complete your look.  

    I love the edginess of YouthEary Khmer. It’s very affordable and a breath of fresh air!

    Here are some pieces that I loved!

    YK Lace Bobbie Suit

    Check out the rest of their stuff!! They have amazingly nice pieces!

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