1. New Look

    New look is a very edgy website that features clothes of all sizes. I especially love their Plus Size Section because there isn’t a grave difference in Trendiness between what they offer for sizes 00-11 or 12-24.

    Our Company

    New Look has come a long way since our first store in Taunton in 1969. In the UK we had 14.5 million consumers shopping with us in the last year. While we now have over 1,100 stores worldwide, in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Egypt, Poland, Serbia, Indonesia, Montenegro, Croatia, Morocco, Romania, Ukraine, Malta and Russia.

    Our brand is about delivering fashion excitement, newness and value. So we translate the latest trends from the catwalk, celebrities and the streets as fast as we can, providing our customers with fashion that is bang on trend - and great value to boot. We regularly win awards for our clothing and footwear and are today the number 1 womenswear and accessories retailer by value in the UK, amongst the Under 35s, with 10.5% market share*. New Look isn’t just for the girls either - we are gaining market share in menswear. Our online business also continues to grow, with customers visiting New Look whenever and wherever it suits them - making us one of the most visited fashion websites in the UK.

    We care about how we operate and are committed to ethical trading and animal welfare. We limit our impact on the planet by reducing the waste we send to landfill and using less energy.

    *Source: Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 19th Feb 2012

    Here are some pieces I really can’t wait to get my paws on for this Fall

    Shell Pink (Pink) Inspire Shell Pink Diamante Skull T-Shirt | 263657972 | New Look

    Black Pattern (Black) Black and White Peace Leggings | 265609809 | New Look

    Stone (Stone ) Inspire Beige Leopard Cardigan | 257144716 | New Look

    Black Pattern (Black) Inspire Black Cross Print Leggings | 264369109 | New Look

    Black Pattern (Black) Inspire Brown Aztec Fleece Leggings | 261529409 | New Look

    Black Pattern (Black) Monochrome Owl Print Raglan Jumper | 260607209 | New Look

    Black (Black) Inspire Black Peplum Tube Skirt | 263008001 | New Look

    Red (Red) Inspire 32in Red Oil Spray Skinny Jeans | 254701760 | New Look

    Black (Black) Inspire Black Acid Wash Supersoft Skinny Jeans | 256483101 | New Look

    Brown Pattern (Brown) Inspire Brown and Cream Animal Print Cardigan | 263161429 | New Look

    Red (Red) Inspire Red and Black Mesh Peplum Dress | 262178060 | New Look

    null (Multi Col) Koko Purple and Green Chain Scarf Print Tunic | 259474999 | New Look

    Black Pattern (Black) Inspire Black Lace Panelled Dress | 254496109 | New Look

    Black (Black) Koko Black and White Striped Leggings | 257486101 | New Look

    Khaki (Green) Inspire Khaki Military Parka  | 255638434 | New Look

    and much much MORE!!


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