1. Check Out Alexandra McGevna

    She’s an amazing Blogger who is CURVY AS EVER!!

    She also has a Big Cartel with some of her clothing for sale!


    My name is Allie and I have been working professionally in media for the past six years. I am an author, reporter, producer, correspondent, model, host and, of course, a blogger. In the land of the one-man-band (aka pretty much all of news right now), I am constantly working on diversifying my portfolio, skill set, services and abilities.

    I started my blog as a way to share my favorite fashions, as well as post about issues that I care about, especially in relation to women struggling with body issues. Here you will find my thoughts on fitness, designers, clothing trends, self confidence, self love, and a healthy dose of pop culture.

    My full time job is a producer, editor, red carpet correspondent for FoxNews.com and a regular contributor for “Fox News.com Live”

    I regularly cover New York Fashion Week, the Oscars, the Golden Globe Awards, the New York Film Critics Awards and several major film and television premieres. My work has afforded me the opportunity to interview public figures including Warren Beatty, Jerry Lewis, Denzel Washington, Helen Mirren, Eva Mendes, Jon Hamm, Patti LaBelle and more.

    For the past four years, I have also worked as a plus size model for companies like Fashion to Figure, Baby Phat, K-Mart, Monif C, Igigi, Plus Model Magazine and more. I was recently featured on the cover of USA Today’s supplemental plus size issue, sponsored by Media Planet.

    I am also a proud published author, and an excerpt from my profile of civil rights activist Ruby Hurley entitled “The Unsung Heroism of Ruby Hurley” can be found in “The Black Experience in America by Edward Ramsamy and Gayle Tate from Kendall Hunt publishing. I am currently working on my first work of fiction.

    I am open to opportunities in all of these various fields and am happy to speak with any prospective partnerships.

    Please direct any inquiries to allisonmcgevnainfo@gmail.com

    For more information and links to my reel, portfolio and examples of my work, visit my website http://allisonmcgevna.com.

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