1. So I am Back!

    I’ve been working on the Runway International Show for about 3 months and on April 21st, WE DID IT!!

    It was an amazing turnout and our models and designers stole the show!!

    I wanted to highlight a few designers who came through with Plus Size Designs!

    First and Foremost, Asos was the designer for the Plus Size Scene and the ladies looked AMAZING!!! SO KUDOS TO ASOS!

    Secondly, Kat Bahadur Fashions made the Plus Size Bathing Suits for Caribbean Countries

    Keisha Monet of LuvRockz Featured Rachelle Balan in her Scene with a Leopard and Leather Bra w/ Neon Skirt

    Chantae Chantae by Chantae Clark Featured Cynthia, Bianca, Rachelle and Kayla in her Scene.

    Lastly, Victoria’s Secret Lingerie for Kayla and Rachelle.

    Enjoy the pictures!

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