1. My Third Favorite Plus Size Blogger:

    Tanesha Aswasthi.

    Also known as “Girl With Cruves”, Tanesha uploads photos of different styles of her wardrobe almost daily. She, like all my favorite plus size bloggers, has an amazing fashion sense. She features styles for different daily experiences. Whether is church, casual, work etc…Tanesha has it all!

    After competing with other bloggers, Tanesha’s fashion blog, Girl with Curves, was chosen by Tumblr to represent them at fashion week.

    And I am proud to say, she tweets me back whenever I write her. Lol!

    Here is an interview she did with BettyConfidential.com :

    Since we live in a world with  diverse women, what are some of the obstacles that you’ve had to face as a curvy blogger?

    I guess one obstacle is that everybody wants to know what size I am. I prefer not to disclose my size because we’re all different heights and shapes. I’m five-foot-ten, so because I’m taller it makes a difference. Be the healthiest and best version of yourself no matter what size you are

    Continue to Read the rest of her Interview with Betty Confidential. http://tinyurl.com/3rdesrr

    Tanesha, thanks for all the contributions you made to the Plus Size world!!

    Follow her Twitter @GirlWithCurves

    Follow her Tumblr —> http://girlwithcurves.tumblr.com

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